Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Grace happens.

A bumper sticker. I saw it and it reminded me of my wedding day. Yes, that day, Grace happened.

Preparing for my wedding was very stressful. It was a formal affair and I was all about the details. About a week before the wedding, I prayed for Grace. I continued to pray for this with all of my heart, because I realized that I had done everything in my control to make it a perfect day, but I need a little help from above to be at peace on the big day.

The morning of the day was crazy. Loads of fun, as I was treated like a princess surrounded by my very best girlfriends and family. I was still nervous over the day. Not about getting married, but the day's events. I continued to pray for Grace.

As I walked into the church, I felt like this is it. I started to walk down the isle with both of my parents and I started to cry. Not over sadness, but the immense love I felt for all that surrounded us.

Once I got to the alter. I took my husband's hand, looked into his eyes, and felt Grace.

It was so distinct to me. Never had I felt the power of God so close. Like there was no other place that I should be or no other person that I should be with.

It felt right.

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