Tuesday, June 27, 2006

HSG and Miscellaneous

The HSG is done! It went really well. All of the reproductive organs are in order. The tubes are clear and the uterus is normal. Thank God for the doctor, he was great. Kept me talking the whole time so I didn't notice what he was doing. Then he went through each of the x-rays to explain them to me.

Feels good to have that one out of the way.

Also spoke to the nurse in more detail about the blood work. It seems that the majority of it has been completed except for the genetic and insulin resistant tests. All of the others are normal except for the testosterone.

Tomorrow is my day 10 labs.

Tonight is also the last night for the Clomid.

Feeling good. Progress, that is what I am feeling. We are very close to naming it. Once it is named, than we move on and tackle it with knowledge and overcome the obstacles. Yes, this is an excellent feeling.

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