Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How we met.....

My husband and I met over six years ago. It started with him performing retreats at my church.

I was volunteering with the youth group and was asked to join the retreat program to be trained as retreat leader.

I said yes.

He was assigned to train me :).

First we go through retreat training. There weren't any real immediate sparks during the training sessions. At least we never admitted to them :).

Then, retreat. I gave my talk which is my personal account of how I came to believe in God. My sister was a retreat participant. Her contact slipped and her eyes were watering during my talk. I noticed. I thought she was crying because of what I was saying. (Talk about self-importance.) It made me catch my breath and I kind of lost it myself. Mostly because my sister is six years my junior and I never shared all of it with her.

So, my husband is watching this occur.

Now, he was suppose to recap my talk and explain how if fits in with the thread of the weekend. He didn't say anything, and just told everyone to go into small group.

Later in the day, I notice him. You know that notice that you usually have at initial contact with someone that you may be interested in. He was playing with a group of kids. Wow, he is really great with these teens. (Snap - relationships that start on retreats are started in a retreat world. This was my opinion at the time, obviously things change.)

So, fast forward. My friend was trying to hint that he might like me. I told her of my theory. She let it drop :).

On the second day, my husband and I are having a quiet moment. Honestly, on retreat, they are far in between. I ask him how he thinks the retreat is going. He says, "I always have a "WOW" moment." So, again I don't think before I ask my next question. "What was your WOW moment for this retreat?" He said, "You were..."

Well after a month of pursuing me, I caved and we started to date. It was the best thing I ever did :).

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