Monday, June 26, 2006

The Afternoon

The rest of the day was fine. A nurse from the RE's office called and only gave me partial information on the bloodwork. For the most part it was good news. My FSH was only in the 5 range. Anything under 10 is good, the insurance requires that it be lower than 13. So, very good. My LH hormone was slighlty higher than the FSH, but not that much. The only thing that was of note was my testosterone. So, like myself, I have begun the investigation.

Other than the information that I have shared below, the other thing that I've found is what high testosterone does. Basically, when your testosterone is low, the LH hormone increases to increase the testosterone. Since my body has too much testosterone, it isn't producing the LH hormone. The LH hormone is fairly important because it is the hormone that triggers ovulation. Basically, my eggs never mature because of the hormone imbalance.

Also the information that I have found come back to PCOS.

More later.

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