Friday, June 16, 2006


Imagine, if and when I get a BFP, sorry Big Fat Positive. (infertility lingo)

Spoke to a woman at the Infertility Case Management and Education with my insurance, lets call her Godsend. She didn't tell me to go take a hike. She was nice, compassionate, informative, and someone who I could KISS at this moment.

Godsend provided clear directions how to navigate my insurance. She told me that the insurance would cover ALL of my blood work. I am doing a happy dance. Yes, how sad that this makes me this happy. *Including the daily blood work for the Clomid challenge test! YUP, that is a big one.

Also, she told me that if the RE is able to find what is wrong with me, than the insurance will pay to fix the problem. PLEASE OH PLEASE LET IT NOT BE UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY. If it is, they won't pay for anything to fix the problem.

(I doubt this is the issue, afterall it is clearly a hormonal imbalance of some sort. Ask anyone who knows me, it must be a hormonal imbalance! Also, please do not let it be something with FSH, I'm not sure what it is, but they have another crazy exclusion for that too.)

Side tracked, sorry.

The only down side, they will not pay for IUIs or IVF. Nothing to get us pregnant, which includes fertility drugs. No worries, I already found this out when I paid out of pocket for the Clomid. No problems, one fish to fry at a time. Heck, I found out how useful the AAA card is, they do provide a discount on Clomid. Imagine that!

Also found out that state mandates only apply to "fully insured." Need to do some research on what that means, Godsend didn't know. But she did know that we are "self insured."

The funniest statement "the customer service people are a little dodgy on the topic of infertility." You think? I laughed out loud at that one. Couldn't help it!

OK, at the moment, saying silent prayer for my minor miracle. See I told you they happen :).

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