Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some children are meant to be.

A few months back, I started to gather my family history. I called my Aunt.

I asked her about three of my maternal great aunts. (They never had any children.) They all were married later in life. Their childless status was based on this and not the thyroid disease that all three of them had later in life.

Early last year, I got this checked. Wanted to rule it as soon as possible. Although the blood work recently done also checks this out, so maybe? Sorry, I'll get back to my story.

We continue to chat. Turns out that my cousin needs blood transfusions. I tell my Aunt that I can't donate because I am A-. She starts to say, oh I have B's blood type, B+.

Now, this triggers my interest.

I ask how can you have B+, when my Mom has A-, Uncle C has AB-, and Uncle A has A-?

She tells me that my Grandfather has B+, my Grandmother had A-.

Her next statement, your Grandmother had a miscarriage after me.

My mouth drops. Why is this astonishing?

Well, genetically, this is a minor miracle that my Mom, Uncle C and Uncle A were all born with Rh-. Rh- factor is only in 15% of the world's population. It is very rare because the Rh+ is the dominate trait. The fact that my Grandmother had three children with Rh- blood, which allowed her to have her fourth with Rh+ is a miracle. These people, my Mom, Uncles, and Aunt, were meant to live.

Hence why, despite nature, I believe God works his miracles to allow for children to be born.

Then why is it that I don't let him take care of this situation. I also think that he rather use those miracles on other things that cannot be fixed by human hands.

See my Grandmother conceived and gave birth under no medical surpervision. She gave birth during the late 40's and 50's in Azores, Portugal. There was no hospital on her island. She didn't have access to the shot required for all Rh- women. The islands only received access to electricity in the 80's. Therefore God had to take things into his own hands.

I have other venues, his hands will also have to work his magic on me, but I must do my leg work first. Because I also think he takes into consideration the desire he has put in my heart. He knows that I won't give up easily and when I feel like I want to give up; he gives me my husband, friends, and family to push me on.

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