Tuesday, June 20, 2006

TWIGHLIGHT ZONE: 3 ? and 3 babies

Welcome to the Twighlight Zone that I call my life. This is a weird coincidence.

I have thought that I might be pregnant three times. Yes, I know that sounds pathetic. But, three times with in almost two years is not a heck of lot of times. So, I remember them distinctly.

The weird coincidence is that, come to find out recently, that I have two friends that have been pregnant or are pregnant that coincidentally occurred during my questioning of conception. (I know this, because, sad fact to admit, is one of the things I do when I am in the two week wait, I check to see when the possible child will be born. Yes, not proud, but I do it.)

Also, during recent obsessing, I found in twoweekwait.com (I love that site.) that my symptoms were indeed pregnancy symptoms. So, I've also included that information from the other women, abridged, because I don't think anyone wants to know about EWCW, unless they are TTC.

The first, December 2004 /January 2005, only three months into the trying to conceive saga. I believed I conceived had the following symptoms: extreme thirst, excess saliva, tingling feeling in ovaries and uterus, gas, fatigue, high sense of smell. Due Date: October 2005.

The 2ww description:

3DPO - Tingle feeling in uterus. Small cramps. High sense of smell. Breaking out EVERYWHERE. Very sore boobs and very tired.

Reality: 8 negative home pregnancy tests and 1 beta, I was convinced that I wasn't.

The second, January 2006, a year later. I confirmed ovulation, we took advantage and I had the following symptoms: extreme thirst and slight twinges in ovaries area. Due Date: October 2006.

The 2ww description:

7dpo - Slight twinges in ovaries area

Reality: 4 negative home pregnancy tests, I was convinced that I wasn't.

The third, May 2006. I believed that I ovulated, HA that was funny, it was also my first cycle on Clomid. The following symptoms: crampy, tightening feeling above my public line, fatigue, slight twinges in ovaries area, high sense of smell. Due Date: February 2006.

The 2ww description:

5-7 dpo irritable and fatigued
6 dpo-present crampy, tightening feeling above my pubic line, tender bb's, fatigue getting stronger and stronger

Reality: 4 negative home pregnancy tests and a website that stated that Clomid can cause pregnancy symptoms.

Now, my title.

Why is this weird? I realized today, that New Mom was pregnant when I thought that I was, my first questioning period. The second, I found out yesterday that a friend is five months along and due in October. The last, New Mom is pregnant and due around that time frame.


Yes, it could be a weird ESP or coincidence, but it is still a weird coincidence. Felt that it deserved noting.

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